Current students

 Cycle: XXXVIII  (2022-2025) 

 Alice Bertolini 

Materials EngineeringComputational MechanicsIndustrial Sustainability
"Paper Mill Sludge: New Valorization Opportunities"
co-funded by Lucart S.p.A., leader company in tissue and paper recycling and production
Advisor: Prof. Marco Paggi 

 Luca Cattarossi

Aerospace EngineeringComputational Fluid Dynamics
"Virtual prototyping for calculating the performance of sails and hydrodynamic load-bearing appendages of high-performance yachts"
co-founded by ToolsPole OÜ, company developing software for the design of competition yacht
Advisor: Dr. Andrea Mola

 Zine El Abidine Larhfiri  

Creative Industries Project Management
"Digital Libraries for Cultural Heritage: an interdisciplinary approach for project management"
Advisors: Prof. Maria Luisa Catoni,Dr. Riccardo Olivito

   Giulio Pappa 

Inner area and local developmentSocial sustainability
"Local Roots and Digital Innovation for the Global Growth of Inner Areas and Urban Ecosystems" 
co-funded by Union of Garfagnana Municipalities and Italian Territorial Cohesion Agency
Advisors: Prof. Nicola Lattanzi, Dr. Stefano Amato

 Cycle: XXXIX  (2023-2026) 

 Gianni D'Errico  

"Precision medicine"
Advisors: Prof. Massimo Riccaboni

   Bisma Naeem 

"Territorial-based management of patients with cancer" 
co-funded by Toscana Life Science
Advisor: Prof. Massimo Riccaboni 

    Tiffany Nassirian 

"Knowledge Network Analyses" 
co-funded by ENI S.p.A.
Advisors:  Prof. Massimo Riccaboni,Dr. Giacomo Marzi

   Shan Yi 

"Precision medicine" 
co-funded by Roche S.p.A.
Advisor: Prof. Massimo Riccaboni 

    Lorenzo Pasquetti 

"Development of new technologies for the hydrogen supply chain:simulation methods aimed at industrialization of devices for the production, storage and use of hydrogen" 
co-funded by Ne.m.e.sys. S.R.L.
Advisors:  Prof. Marco Paggi, Dr. Andrea Mola